Apple Crisp

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Nutrition Facts*

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Diet symbols

We have classified each meal, soup, and dessert with a diet code. Use them to select the meals suitable for your diet. The definitions are below:

nas No added sugar
Desserts marked with this symbol contain no added sugar or ingredients containing added sugars.
gf Gluten-free
These meals do not contain any gluten proteins or wheat.
lc Low calorie
These meals contain 120 calories or less per 100 g.
lf Low fat
These meals contain 3 g or less of fat per 100 g.
ls Low sodium
These meals contain less than 140 mg of sodium per 100 g.
v Vegetarian
These meals contain no meat. May contain milk, cheese, or eggs.
vegan Vegan
Vegetarian items that do not contain dairy or egg products.